Karina is doing an excellent job as a care coordinator. I trust her and
NRLP to help me with my disabled son, Elias. Karina has done
everything possible to get Elias all the services that he needs and
it’s because of her hard work that he is doing better today.

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Maria Cordero Roca, her child Elias Cordero is 18

Navigating the healthcare system is so hard and if you don’t
speak English it’s even harder. But my care coordinator
speaks both English and Spanish so she is
very very helpful to me!

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Annery Canaan, mother of Joshua Canaan, 4 yrs old

Gretchen, my care coordinator,
has taken a lot of stress and concern
off my shoulders.

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Kim Watts



Individual Referrals

Why the North Region LTSS Partnership?

We deliver the long-term services and supports (LTSS) to populations of all ages living with a range of challenges, including behavioral health.

We uniquely offer:

Call center that operates to better meet the needs of families and working parents.

Care Coordinators who are highly trained and supervised by a Registered Nurse - ensuring the best health and wellness coaching and support for you.

Innovative and Fun Supports, like our eTools for Health, a digital educational platform that provides information, advice and tips to help you better manage your health.

If you would like to become a member or know someone who would benefit from our services, please fill out our online referral form.

Use our referral form to:

  • Make a referral for yourself
  • Refer a family member or client
  • Refer a patient. (PCPs can refer a patient through this platform and we will help connect the patient with the ACO as needed.)